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Push-Pull Workouts – Part I
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Pull Routine This is the first part of a three-part series on Push-Pull workout routines.  Please read  Part II and Part III. There are all types of workouts for strength/resistance training.  Many people come into the gym and do circuit training which … Continue reading

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Fitness and the Three-legged Table
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Is something missing from your program? I’m borrowing this analogy from my friend Jay, another personal trainer who is a walking reference book when it comes to information about personal fitness. If you haven’t seen the improvements you desire or … Continue reading

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Motivation to Change
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Only You Have the Power to Change The changes I started making back in March of 2010 were in the forms of intrinsic and extrinsic movitivation.  For you to make the changes you “need” or “desire” may come from one … Continue reading

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