Happy Nine Months of Labor
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Giving Birth to Better Health

Yes, it’s cheesy.  But I’ve spent the last nine months laboring through six workouts a week to get healthy.  I feel like I’ve been reborn.

If you think that nine to twelve months seems too far away to reach your fitness goals… well, it isn’t.  The past nine months have flown by very quickly and I can tell you about almost every workout I’ve completed during that time, especially the ones where I made significant gains in strength or endurance.

It took me about eight years to screw up my body with McDonald’s, KFC, and bowls of hot fudge sundaes.  I quit exercising and opted for watching television from my comfy recliner.  And I let stressful situations and stress-inducing people get the best of me.  Yep… eight years to screw it up, and it’s now been nine months trying to right the ship by getting healthy and removing stress from my life.

Let’s look at where I was nine months ago.  I tipped the scales at 204 (at just 5’5″).  I was 34% body fat.  My waist was 46-inches and I had just purchased 40-inch waist pants with that little elastic band just in case I grew larger.  My chest was 46″ and hips were 44-1/2″.  Basically, I was slowly shape-shifting into a human apple!  These measurements were all clear indicators of obesity, bordering on morbid obesity.  I was at risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes (actually diagnosed), hypertension, and other obesity-related illnesses.

Today, one year and one day since my first workout back on March 17th, 2010, I have made tremendous losses AND gains.   Not only have I lost 50 lbs. of body fat and gained more than 10 lbs. of lean muscle, I have lost a total of 32.5 inches.  Here is a comparison of then and now.

  3/17/2010 12/18/2010                   Lost
Neck 16.25 15 1.25
Chest 46 41 5
Shoulders 47.25 45 2.25
Waist 45.5 36 9.5
Hips 44.5 38 6.5
Biceps (R) 13 11.5 1.5
Biceps (L) 12.5 11 1.5
Thigh (R) 23.75 22 1.75
Thigh (L) 23 22 1
Calf (R) 15.5 14.5 1
Calf (L) 15.25 14 1.25
      Inches Lost  32.5

Was it easy? Yes…and…no.  It’s been hard work, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  I’ve had friends and family members supporting and encouraging me.  Much of my support has come from my friends on Facebook.  I’ve used Facebook to hold myself accountable and lay it all out there for the world to see.  It’s kept me honest.  It’s always nice to have a cheering section.

I have received some great emails and calls from friends who tell me that I’ve inspired them to get healthy.  You may be one of those friends reading this right now.  If you are, good for you.  You’ve started on an incredible journey and, if you do it right, you’ll see some amazing, long-term results.  As I’ve said in other blog posts, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  This is a commitment for the rest of your life.

I had a personal training client yesterday that started working out again after taking five months off.  Unfortunately, it was back to square one for him. All of the strength gains and improvements in endurance had slid backwards.  The term for this is “reversibility” which states, “The principle of exercise training that suggests that any improvement in physical fitness due to physical activity is entirely reversible with the discontinuation of the training program.”  He’s got to find his mojo again.

Just like I did nine months ago, take the steps to get yourself back on the road to better health.

I’ll check back in on March 17, 2011 to see where I am.  Stay tuned!

To Your Health!

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