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My Biggest Take-Away from The Biggest Loser Finale

While I was watching the amazing transformations during the final episode of The Biggest Loserlast night, I was struck by something that one contestant, Burgandy, said.  It kept playing over and over in my mind and I knew that I wanted to write about it.  To paraphrase Burgandy, a 35-year-old mother of five whose husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, “You have to put yourself first. You have to make time even if that means getting up at 5:00 a.m.”

Burgandy is exactly right.  If you don’t make time for yourself and put YOU first, then how can you really be there for your family?  Do you want to watch from the window as your kids play in the back yard or do you want to be out there throwing the ball and chasing them around the yard?  By putting yourself first, you ARE actually putting your family first.  I hope that makes sense.

Life is hectic, but you need to find time for your health.

Yes, life can be hectic.  But, there are 168 hours in the week.  You only need to find about six.  That gives you 15 minutes to drive the gym, 30 minutes to work out, and 15 minutes to drive back home.  If you can do that six days a week (or even four or five), that can have an amazing impact on how you feel and look.  You don’t need to spend three or more hours at the gym each day like they reportedly do on The Biggest Loser, you just need 30 to 45 minutes.  It’s even easier if you can get workouts in at home; but they need to be good workouts.

Make time before your kids get out of bed.  Go in the middle of the day when they are at school.  Exercise on your lunch hour. Get a workout in after the kids go to bed.  As a personal trainer, I see it everyday.  There are the 5 a.m.’ers, the 8:30 moms who just got their kids on the school bus, the lunch-timers, the before and after dinner crowds and the late-nighters.  Whatever they can fit into their schedules, they set that time aside.

When someone tells me, “Oh, I just don’t have enough time to work out,” they sound to me an awful lot like that teacher on Charlie Brown – “wah, wah, wah, wah”!  Time (or lack thereof) is just another excuse.  If someone offered you one million dollars to spend one hour a day for the next year sitting in a chair with a bucket on your head, I bet you’d find time!  I know I would!

So, open up Outlook or get your day planner out and reserve time.  Tell your family that they are going to have to fend for themselves for one hour a day while you get in some “me time”.  That means they might just have to vacuum, cook dinner, find rides to practices, shop for groceries and unclog the toilet on their own.   And… (this is a big one)… if you just can’t exercise at 7:00 everynight because you have to watch Wheel of Fortuneor some other show… I have a little secret to share.  Shhh… “that’s what DVRs are for.”  Or, you can now watch most shows online whenever you want!  Brilliant!!!

I have several Facebook friends who read this blog and want (need) to lose weight and/or get fit.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Promise me that the excuses will stop!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find time.  You’ll even make a few new friends at the gym.  And, you’ll love it when people come up to you and say, “Wow, you look great! You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”  I never get tired of that one!

Time is the reason that I named my business FitNow Personal Fitness Training.  My tagline is, “Getting Fit.  It’s About Time” which has a double meaning.  It’s about time you started getting fit.  Getting fit is about making time.

Make time today. Right now.  Drop and give me 15 push ups!  It’s a start.

To Your Health!

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  1. Steve Hood says:

    Always inspiring, Brian! Keep up the great work. BTW, you’ve lost weight, haven’t you? 🙂

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