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Is FitCamp for You?

You may have heard about or even experienced hardcore fitness boot camps that involve yelling, screaming and cursing by instructors and push participants way beyond their current fitness level and ability. Unfortunately, that’s how some instructors and fitness centres conduct their military-style “boot camps”. Not me. That’s not what FitCamp is all about. No fitness club should be run in an authoritarian fashion. There are many relaxed fitness centres out there, going to will show you this.

When I began reclaiming my health a little over a year ago, I discovered that exercise was actually fun and rewarding. I had personal trainers that pushed me while, at the same time, motivating me. They challenged me when I needed it and backed off when I reached my limits.

Now that I am a certified personal trainer, I want to give as many other people a similar fitness experience in a positive and motivating group exercise environment. That’s why I came up with FitCamp. If you’re thinking of starting up a fitness or gym business, make sure you look into gym software to keep your finances in order.

It’s really simple to be involved in. All you need to do is enrol and turn up! You just need to make sure that you have the correct fitness clothes so if you don’t have any then just visit Ryderwear (

If there’s any doubt about my ability to motivate, just read what some of my actual personal training clients are saying…

“Brian is genuinely interested in helping his clients reach their personal goals and gives his full, focused attention every session. Not only is Brian a fantastic motivator and knowledgeable personal trainer, he is an inspiration through his own personal story.” BJ Massa

“Brian makes it a comfortable and fun experience. He gives me a great workout every time without it being too easy or too hard. His words are always encouraging and makes you realize that you’re capable of far more than you may give yourself credit for.” – Lauren Stewart

“Brian is motivating and empathetic which is exactly what I need. He goes above and beyond what I would expect from a trainer by emailing training tips, interesting articles, and motivating words of encouragement when he sees me at the gym working out on my own.” – Lindsay Williams

“He is extremely knowledgeable and manages to keep the workouts fresh and challenging. He also is timely and stays on task to maximize my bang for the buck.” – Mark Deitsch

“He challenges me to try different things, and increase the intensity of my workouts. He makes my workouts interesting and even if I whine, he commiserates, then tells me basically to suck it up, work harder, that I can do it!! And I have been doing it!” – Linda Beaudoin

“Working in conjunction with my physical therapist, Brian has helped me recover from these injuries, gain better control of my blood sugar levels and greatly improve my energy levels. Brian motivates and encourages me to push myself to higher limits.”Tom Pizzuti

At FitCamp, you’ll be working with others trying to reach their fitness goals.

FitCamp is designed for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Yes, it will be challenging, but in a very positive and supportive way. You see, as a certified personal trainer, I know that negative reinforcement will turn most people away. Everyone does better if they are having fun while working hard and reaching their fitness goals in a motivating environment. Even when I’m tough on my clients in the gym, I’m always using positive language and motivation techniques.

The Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp

Starting an exercise program to lose weight and/or get in shape is a daunting task for most people. They want to wave a magic wand and get instantaneous results without putting in the time and effort it takes. That’s why they turn to the latest and greatest diet program or exercise contraption. Sure, a few people see temporary results only to return to their former unhealthy lifestyle in a matter of months.

Keys to Success

To have long-term success, you need five things: 1) strength training, 2) cardiovascular training, and 3) sound nutrition, 4) motivation, and 5) accountability. Joining a fitness boot camp has a number of benefits. Others will be working alongside of you, trying to reach their fitness goals, too. The boot camp offers you these five critical elements for success.

Nutritional Guidance

It’s not rocket science. But eating the right foods is one of the biggest factors in losing weight and getting in great shape. As a member of a fitness boot camp you will become knowledgeable about what kinds of foods you should be eating and how much you should be eating on a daily basis.


A group fitness program is ideal for someone that wants to start exercising or take their workouts to a whole new level. When a group of people are going through something together, a bond is always formed because you can all relate with each other. Studies show that people who work out in a group or with an exercise partner will stick with a program for much longer than someone who tries to do it by themselves.

Complete Fitness Program

When you work out on your own, you often feel lost and disorganized. People waste a lot of time in the gym either trying to figure out what to do or how to do it. Your fitness boot camp instructor will provide the exercises that you should be doing and all that you need to do is follow along. The program will consist of both strength training and cardiovascular training. You will learn the routines so that when the fitness boot camp is over, you will have routines that you can easily do on your own.


Because a fitness boot camp consists of a fairly small group of people, the fees are more reasonable than if you were to work one-on-one with a personal trainer. You still get all the same benefits as if you had a personal trainer but the costs are much lower because there is an entire group or class associated with a fitness boot camp.

Harder, More Efficient Workouts

Fitness boot camps are designed to push you to reach your fitness potential. You’ll work a lot harder than if you were on your own. Training with a boot camp fitness professional will allow you to gain muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance quicker, allowing you to see results even faster.

I invite you to join FitCamp by FitNow Personal Fitness Training and take that first step to reclaim your health or energize your current fitness level.

To Your Health!

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