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Fred and Julie Schweizer

They were the first two people to sign up for FitCamp, my brand new fitness business venture I launched in May of 2011. Julie and Fred Schweizer are neighbors that I have only really gotten to know over the past year or so. Our daughters are runners on the Westfield High School girls cross country team. I was a little anxious when they registered to participate in my fitness boot camp program. If they didn’t like it or didn’t benefit from my program, word could spread throughout our neighborhood and among cross country parents. But, if they enjoyed FitCamp and got results, they could be a great testimonial to the power of a becoming involved in a fun, yet challenging program. Over the past nine weeks (as of 7/18), the Schweizers have attended nearly every daily FitCamp session and have made great progress toward their fitness goals. Like other clients, they came to FitCamp having not exercised in quite some time and were experiencing the health issues that come with being in their late 40s or early 50s. Here are their stories.

Fred Schweizer

Fred Schweizer navigates part of our military obstacle course.

“Prior to joining FitCamp, I hadn’t exercised regularly for quite a few years. Although my job has me on my feet and doing some physical lifting, it does not replace a good sustained workout like you get with FitCamp. At recent doctor checkups I would get the usual advice from my doctor that I could stand to lose a little weight, plus I was put on high blood pressure and cholesteral meds. I weighed in at over 200lbs for the last couple years. After the first few sessions of camp I was sore and stiff, but Brian assured me that was normal, nothing a little ice at night wouldn’t help. After 2 to 3 weeks I was noticing the difference. Less soreness, better endurance, more energy and starting to lose some weight. I have now started my 9th week of fit-camp and feel much better. I have more energy, improved speed and better endurance – plus I have lost about 20 pounds. I would recommend to anyone that joins FitCamp to stick with it, work hard at it and you will see improved results, too.”

Julie Schweizer

“I have always enjoyed walking, but hadn’t done any exercise more strenuous than that for many years. I have a sedentary job and spend most of my day working on a computer. The first week of FitCamp was very difficult; my shins and knees were very sore whenever I ran, I had very little endurance and would be gasping for breath early in the session. With each different workout I found some new sore muscles in my arms, legs, back and abs.

Julie Schweizer (center) completes a downhill run at an outdoor FitCamp session.

Surprisingly, within the first couple of weeks, there were noticeable changes. The running got a little easier each day and I was able to do more of the exercises without resting. I still occasionally have some sore muscles, but I look at this as a good thing now, I know I have given these muscles a good workout. I realize that it is going to take some time to undo all the years of inactivity, but I definitely feel like I have made a lot of progress. After a little over two months of fit camp, I am feeling stronger and am able to run much longer distances. The pains in my legs have disappeared and I am improving my cardiovascular fitness. I am also trying to really watch what I eat and at this point have lost about 8 pounds. I am not shopping for a new wardrobe yet, but my clothes are feeling looser and I have found some new items in my closet that were purchased just knowing I would lose those 5 pounds. I would recommend FitCamp for anyone considering starting a fitness program. What I like most about it is the variety that is built in to the workouts, allowing you to work different muscle groups as well as getting a good cardiovascular workout. Brian and Kevin are very supportive and helpful; they know just how hard to push so that you get the most of your workout.  Once you start, stick with it, anything new is difficult at first, but the results are worth it.”

As a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, it’s great to see the progress that all of my clients make. As Julie said, it does take awhile to undo the bad things we’ve done to our body over the years . Someone recently commented that we take better care of our cars than we do own body. Fred and Julie both work hard in every session and give FitCamp their all. I can see the physical changes as both of them are thinner and look stronger. Julie’s cardio endurance has improved dramatically which will allow her to work even harder to meet her weight loss goals. Fred has improved his time in the one mile run by five minutes and should soon be running a sub-7-minute mile.  Julie is now doing “real” push-ups instead of modified as her arm and upper body strength have improved.

Your success depends on how bad you want to change. You have to be ready to say, “Enough is enough!”  Like Fred and Julie, I took the past of least resistance for several years by not exercising and not eating healthy. It’s just easier to sit on the couch, eat poorly and avoid exercising.  But, when you finally make it through those first couple of weeks and you start feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally and your clothes start to fit better, it’s all worth it.  We promise!

Give FitCamp a try and start your journey to back to a healthy you!

To your health!

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