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This wife, mom and lighting control specialist plunges into FitCamp, gaining strength, improving endurance, and losing weight in just eight short weeks

There was about 15 minutes left in her very first FitCamp session at Cool Creek Park when Theresa Virgin looked at me with glassy eyes and said, “I’m feeling a little light-headed”, lost all color in her face, dropped to her knees and then nearly passed out.  A combination of 94f-degree heat, dehydration and poor pre-workout nutrition created the “perfect storm” that could have turned into a very serious health emergency.  I knew what action to take with heat exhaustion and was able to get Theresa cooled down and hydrated.  It was scary then, but Theresa can joke about it today now that she’s starting her third 4-week FitCamp session.  She’ll turn 48 in September.

Theresa Virgin (right) completes push ups during FitCamp.

Theresa, a lighting control specialist, struggled through her first couple of weeks in FitCamp but came to every session and worked through the shortness of breath, muscle soreness, and running.  Now entering into her third month of FitCamp, this wife, mother, and member of her church’s choir still has perfect attendance and is much stronger, faster and actually likes to run.  Here’s Theresa’s FitCamp story…

“Prior to fit camp, I had never really exercised regularly or even enjoyed exercising except for a nice leisurely walk outdoors. Even as a teenager or young adult, I was never very physically fit and avoided participating in sports. I am in my late forties and do not have any health issues but decided that I better do something now to get myself in shape before that changes.

My first week in FitCamp was the most challenging 5 hours I have ever experienced. We went from one exercise to another, then to another without stopping to breathe or get a drink (I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but that is the way it seemed those first few days!). I can remember thinking that 30 seconds of jumping jacks was going to kill me! I remember telling Brian when he told us to go for a warm up run “I don’t run” but I did and now I do! I almost passed out on my first day because of the heat and dehydration; but luckily Brian knew what to do.  Fortunately, we were almost finished for the day, so I had burned those calories! I quickly learned how important water and nutrition are to making it through a challenging workout.

I started noticing some major differences about the third week of boot camp. I had started to lose some weight (about 5 lbs so far) and could tell that I wasn’t getting so winded or exhausted doing all the exercises. I was almost looking forward to coming each night!

Now I have gone through two 4 week sessions of Fit Camp and feel great. I can see the changes in my body too. I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs so far and am so much stronger than I was at the beginning of June. I can even run a mile without stopping and have cut 3 minutes off my time! I look forward to my hour at FitCamp each day. Brian keeps me on track and keep me moving in the right direction.

My advice for anyone thinking about joining FitCamp… don’t put it off. There will always be something else to do like laundry, or work, or the kids but your health is really important too! I gave my first FitCamp session to myself as a Mother’s Day present and I’m so glad I did. I have never been able to stick with any program or fitness center for very long. This works because you work hard for your own reasons but work as a team with all sorts of people. And it’s fun because it’s a different workout each time, so you don’t get bored!”

If there’s any question as to how much FitCamp has helped her improve her strength, Theresa was the first FitCamper to complete 1,000 push-ups in just four days during our recent “Push-Up Week”.  She couldn’t do 10 in a row during her first workout!

FitCamp really does help people regain their health and improve their fitness levels.  Like Theresa, I hope you’ll give FitCamp a try.  You’ll be glad you did!

To Your Health!

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