FitCamp Profile: Meet Scott Anspach
FitCamp Profile: Meet Scott Anspach avatar

Westfield dad credits FitCamp for reducing stress and giving him the energy to keep up with his young sons

During the 6:00 a.m. FitCamp workouts, every time I announce “Mountain climbers… GO!”, I can always depend on one person to vocally object with a comment and a groan. Scott Anspach, president and co-founder of Main Street Financial, Inc. in Carmel, might not list mountain climbers among his favorite exercises, but he pushes through them just he does with every other FitCamp challenge… with determination.

Scott Anspach pushes through sit-ups during a recent FitCamp session.

Scott came to FitCamp a few weeks after we opened back in May. He thought he’d “try” one session and see how he liked it. A former high school football player, he said that he wanted to get back into shape so he could be more active in his sons’ sports activities. He’s been coming to FitCamp nearly every day that he’s not travelling on business.

Here’s what Scott says about his FitCamp experience…

“Prior to joining FitCamp I was like most adults when it came to exercise. I would really get into it for a few weeks and then would lose interest. It was a combination of being bored with the exercises I was doing and mostly working out at a gym where there was no group exercises. I saw the advertisement for FitCamp, looked up the website and read Brian’s story.  Everything on his website seemed to be talking directly at me. I remember the first morning I decided to go, I was trying to do everything I could to talk myself out of going.

Ever since the first day, I have never regretted it. The first week I was pretty sore, but it felt so good to have the aches. It reminded me of two-a-days in Football. After the first few days of FitCamp I could notice a drastic increase in energy and my stress levels dramatically decreased.  Although I have enjoyed the 11 lbs I lost in the first month, I was more excited about being able to enjoy the increase in stamina while playing sports with my kids.  The old phrase “I have to go help Mom with things” didn’t have to be used since I could keep up with them now.

The great thing about the Fitcamp is it is geared for all fitness levels. Whether just starting out or you are advanced and just looking for something different. You come each day prepared to do something different than you did the day before. I have been going for 4 months now and there are still plenty of days when I wake up sore from some exercise we just experienced.

So… if  you are stressed out, lacking energy, and out of shape like I was four months ago, I would challenge and encourage you to come try a FitCamp class. I will guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Like Scott, many other people in FitCamp have not only lost weight, but they have discovered more energy that allows them to become more active with their family.  It’s easy to use work and your hectic schedule as an excuse to not exercise or play an active role in your kids’ lives.  FitCamp can help you build strength, endurance and energy so you, too, can get back outside and throw the football around, shoot baskets, or hike trails again.  Give FitCamp a try!

To your health!

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