FitCamp Couple Conquers First-ever 5K
FitCamp Couple Conquers First-ever 5K avatar

More physical proof that FitCamp can help you reach and even exceed your fitness goals

Do you cringe at the thought of running farther than the distance from your couch to your refrigerator?  So does each person that comes to FitCamp for the first time.  However, FitCamp can turn even the most sedentary person into an athlete.  Just ask FitCampers Julie & Fred Schweizer who joined me in running the Heroes Run 5K in Westfield, Indiana on Sunday, September 11th.  This was a great accomplishment for the Schweizers who joined FitCamp back on May 2nd and were not runners.

(From L to R) Julie Schweizer, Fred Schweizer, John Susnak, and Brian Koning.

Julie,who couldn’t run a full 200 yards when she started FitCamp, finished 2nd in the women’s 50-59 age group with a time around 38 minutes.  Fred finished 10th overall (out of 174 runners) with a time of 23 minutes.  I came in at just under 25 minutes.

Perhaps they had a little more motivation from their daughter Lauren, a varsity runner on the Westfield High School girls cross country team.  To complete a 5K run, both at respectable times, was a major milestone and something they didn’t even have on their radar just a couple of months ago.

This is still more proof that FitCamp is helping participants improve their overall strength and endurance.

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