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Popular Business Owner Cleaning Up Her Health with FitCamp

Most of the day, you’ll find Sue Webb leading the staff of her popular Executive Home Services residential, office and institutional cleaning business in Carmel. But for one hour each day, she’s now making time to tidy up her body by participating in FitCamp.

Just five weeks ago, I took this middle-aged wife, mother and small business owner through a complimentary 30-minute personal training workout because she wanted to lose weight, tone up and mend her body from some past injuries.  But twenty minutes into that workout, we had to stop. I stepped in like a referee calling a fight. She’d had enough – and it wasn’t even a tough workout. For Sue, it was a wake-up call as to just how out-of-shape she really was. But, I did see that she was strong and had a good foundation to build on.  I recommended that, instead of personal training, she join FitCamp to be able to reach her goals much faster. She started the very next day and has been very committed ever since.

Sue Webb is five weeks into FitCamp and has lost 6 pounds and feels much better.

Fast forward five weeks. Sue is now one of my hardest working FitCampers. She’s there at the 9am class every day, five days a week. And even with a few pre-existing injuries to her shoulder and neck, she pushes through the workouts, sometimes with modifications to avoid further injury.

Here’s Sue’s take on FitCamp…

I am over 50, over weight by 35 pounds and I am short. So that extra weight shows more and feels like twice that on my lower back and neck. I had a rotator tear last year and that put me out of commission for several months. I used to run but began to have breathing problems that I really haven’t worked through to press myself. After the shoulder injury, I am a lot more cautious and concerned about pressing myself too much. Also, I am not as flexible as I used to be and recovery is harder as I get older. I also had a neck injury from a car accident 25 years ago that can shoot me painful reminders when I am not working out regularly, causing headaches.

I went through a workout with Brian that was very hard for me. But he convinced me that I should join FitCamp. I did not realize how badly out of shape I was until the first 2-3 days in camp. The first week was basically horrific. I literally had to pull myself up and down my stairs. Sitting, standing… pretty much everything hurt.

I know myself and body.. , I immediately felt changes. Mentally and physically that first seven days was a struggle. But I really didn’t want to relive that stop and start cycle of pain. The first week, I couldn’t believe I couldn’t even do a few sit ups. I really tried to hang onto the “It’s a good kind of hurt pain.” I knew it was muscles I had not been able to use in a long time. When I was injured, I chose to do my own rehab and I really didn’t push myself like I should have. Now, after five weeks of FitCamp, I have full use and extension of my right arm.

I have lost about six pounds. Besides doing FitCamp daily, I adjusted my eating habits because I am an instant gratification gal and want to see quicker results. I have more endurance in class and can nearly keep up with everyone else. I am feeling stronger and beginning to really challenge myself by willingly increasing my weights and reps.

My advice for anyone considering FitCamp is this… I don’t think there is any real EASY way to begin a healthy workout lifestyle. IF YOU WANT RESULTS , ITS GOING TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE at first. But the quicker you get into it and the longer you stay at it with less breaks between classes, the quicker the recovery and the better/faster the results. It’s a matter of being consistent. Go when you don’t want to and make FitCamp a priority. And don’t let the group fitness setting turn you off. I have never liked group workouts until now because I think I was uncomfortable with myself, my own insecurities or inabilities. I REALLY AM AMAZED with FitCamp. I have met some really delightful people – some in the similar stages of life. We are all really working toward the same thing, to get in or stay in shape, to live a healthier lifestyle and feel good about ourselves.  I honestly look forward to The camaraderie. But most of all, I love that coveted endorphin release that gets me through the day! See you in FitCamp!

Sue’s story is like most other people who join FitCamp.  They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired… and overweight.  They are looking for something more than lifting weights in a gym or doing workouts at home to some guy or gal on a DVD.  If Sue’s story rings familiar, then I encourage you to give FitCamp a try.  You’ll be glad you did!

To your health!

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