2012 FitCamp Fresh Start
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Yes, Anyone Can Do FitCamp… Even You!

FitCamp is regular people working together to get fit and healthy.

Okay, you’ve been thinking about joining FitCamp but you may have serious doubts that you can handle the boot camp-style workouts.  It may have been awhile since you last exercised or you may be afraid or intimidated by what you’ve heard from others about FitCamp or other boot camp programs. Well… fear not.  A new year means a fresh start for those who want to give FitCamp a try.

When they first joined, the majority (95%) of my current FitCamp participants were what I would classify as “very out of shape”.  Many struggled to do even one regular push-up or situp. They struggled with squats and lunges.  And, they could not run 100 yards without gasping for air.  That is no exaggeration.  That’s why people join FitCamp, to regain their health by being committed to exercise.  Everyone must start somewhere and it’s time to stop making excuses (read my post, Top 10 B.S. Excuses for Not Exercising).

What that means is that YOU can do it.  We’re going to go back to basics for the first few weeks so that some of you can ease into the program.  Does that mean it’s going to be cushy workouts? Absolutely…not!  But, it does mean that we’ll be focused on exercises that will allow you to gradually increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance.  You won’t be walking into a class and expected to go all out your very first workout, even though it may seem like it.

When I started FitCamp back in May of 2011, I designed a series of workouts that were meant for beginners.  I’ll be bringing some of those workouts back.  Those workouts helped build stability, mobility, core strength and strength in other areas that will help you build up to more intense workouts a few weeks into FitCamp.

We’ll also be acutely aware of those of you just beginning your fitness journey and will closely monitor you throughout the workouts, making sure you are using the proper form and are working within your limits, abilities and capabilities.

As for those who are veteran FitCampers, you won’t be bored.  We’ll expect you to work within your new limits that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  And, we’ll expect you to be good leaders by setting a positive and motivating example for our new participants.

FitCamp is a positive group exercise environment.  We work hard and we have fun.  We want everyone to be a part of our motivational, challenging, results-producing program.

So, if there’s any question as to whether you can handle FitCamp, I’d recommend giving it a try.  And I encourage you to participate in our 12-week Ultimate Fitness Challenge that takes starts January 9th and runs through March 30.  Who knows, you could win the $1,000+ prize package AND you’ll be a whole lot healthier in 12 weeks.  But, if taking on the challenge isn’t your thing, then just sign up to participate on your own terms to reach your own fitness goals.

You won’t regret it.  I promise.

To your health!

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