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Former hotel catering manager turned stay-at-home mom is finally making her health a priority by attending FitCamp

Because I see my clients almost every day, I don’t always notice the physical changes in their bodies.  But lately, every time Jennifer Havely walks into FitCamp, I can’t help but notice that she is slimming down and shaping up in all areas of her body.   I got curious recently and decided to look through some of Jen’s family photos on Facebook (no, I’m not a stalker!) to see just how much she’s changed.  She’s making great progress!

Jen, a stay at home mom of two sons (2 and 6) and volunteer for a local non-profit organization, started coming to FitCamp last June and attends almost daily at 6:00 a.m.  In fact, this former hotel catering and sales manager just completed our 8-week Holiday Weight Loss Challenge and dropped nearly 16 lbs!  She lost almost 8% of her body weight during the holidays, finishing a close second by just .2 percent!

Jen continues to work hard and is now taking it to the next level by competing in our 12-Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge.  Here’s Jen’s story and thoughts on FitCamp…

After finally getting serious about her workouts and tracking her nutrition daily, Jen Havely has lost 20 lbs since November.

Prior to joining FitCamp, I was a regular at the Fishers YMCA, attending various group exercise classes 3-5 times/week.  Although I have enjoyed exercising for most of my adult life and overall felt pretty healthy, my weight has always a problem.  I’ve never had a problem getting motivated to exercise, it’s getting my mind in shape to eat the right foods, in the correct portions while also exercising regularly.  I’ve never been able to put these two together until a few months ago when Brian started the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge and encouraged me to use to log my nutrition and exercise.  For me it was about putting all the pieces together and FitCamp has been a big part of motivating me to keep making the right decisions.  I am accountable not only to the trainers but also the wonderful friends I have made at FitCamp.  We motivate each other and it’s a great environment in which everyone wants to see you succeed.

I always love a new challenge, so I was excited for something new to change up my workout routine when joining FitCamp, but felt confident that I could keep up with what they threw our way.  I was WRONG!  I remember struggling for breath and thinking I wasn’t in near as good of shape as I thought I was. Trying to do pullups (with the huge resistant band assisting) and not even being able to get ONE motivated me.  It was so frustrating realizing that although I’d been working out regularly, my weight was holding me back, especially in exercises that used body weight.

I started noticing changes right away in my cardiovascular endurance and strength and by the second and third month, my mile time decreased, my breathing felt much more under control and I was able to do exercises longer and get more reps. After starting the weight loss challenge in November, I really started to notice changes.  I felt much more endurance at FitCamp, and I was losing inches.

I feel like I can keep up with anything Brian and Sondra throw my way, and I actually crave challenging workouts.  I’ve lost 25 pounds (20 since November 6th), went down two sizes in clothes, feel much more toned and can’t wait for more.  I hope to lose 20 more by the end of March.

My advice to anyone considering FitCamp would be if you are really serious about getting healthy, FitCamp can get your there.  You just have to be willing to get your butt out of bed, get dressed and get in the car.  Once you get there, the motivation comes from the environment.   We all encounter struggles on our fitness/weight loss journey (vacations, parties, eating out, etc.) but Brian, Sondra and other FitCampers are there to help.  Brian gave me a vacation workout to keep me on track while away for a week, both trainers offer lots of nutrition advice to help with certain situations and I’ve received lots of great ideas and advice from my new FitCamp friends.

Jen’s story is just one of many we’ve highlighted in our newsletter and on our website. These are regular people just like you who are turning their health and life around not just for themselves, but for their families.  If you need to kick it in the butt and turn your health around, give FitCamp a try. Maybe your story will be featured in the coming months!

To your health!

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FitCamp Profile: Meet Jen Havely avatar

  1. Melissa Nobbe says:

    Congrats Jen! You look great!


    Way to go Jen!!!!! That’s awesome!!!! <3

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