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Over the past two years, I’ve had a lot of friends from high school, college and past employers ask me to design workouts for them.  Many of these people are friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  They’ve followed my fitness journey and are acutely aware of my passion for fitness, exercise and good nutrition.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the tools or systems in place to be able to provide a remote fitness coaching service… UNTIL NOW!

I am please to introduce FitNow Remote, a service that will allow me to provide remote fitness coaching anywhere you have an Internet and phone connection.  There are some great tools being created that will put me in touch with remote clients to not only provide written workouts, but these tools allow me to visually communicate proper form and technique of many exercises.  And, I’ll be able to review workout and nutrition logs.  And with tools like Skype®, I can also set up video chats so that we can communicate face-to-face.

How It Works

There will be three program levels to choose from and will be billed monthly.  The fee will cover the time it takes me to plan customized workouts based on our initial remote fitness consultation.  This initial consultation will take place prior to me planning your first workouts.  I’ll ask you a number of questions pertaining to your current health, your past experience with exercise and diet, and your specific short- and long-term fitness goals.  Once I have the information, I will set up schedule to email your workouts and chat (either via phone or Skype) to see how you’re doing and provide direct feedback on your progress. You will also have unlimited email access to me.

Why Not Hire a Local Trainer?

I learned a long time ago that the key to any business is that clients want to do business with people they Know, Like and Trust.  So, I’m hoping that means a lot of you who know me and like me, will have the confidence and trust that I can help you reach your fitness goals.  I’ve worked in a commercial gym and can tell you that the majority of the personal trainers on staff could care less about you achieving your fitness results.  They just go through the motions and collect a small paycheck.  Do you want to train with one of those trainers or with someone who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed?

How can you hold me accountable when you’re so far away?

Anyone who has ever trained with me knows that I will stay on you to complete your workout logs and nutrition diary.  I am relentless in making sure you schedule your workouts and put yourself first.  I’ll give you strategies to make sure you get your workouts in, even when you’re traveling for business or pleasure.  Your health is key to a happy home and work life.  But… I can’t force you to put in the full effort any more than I can force a client to push beyond their comfort zone in the gym or in my FitCamp program.  It’s up to you to put in the time.  I can only motivate you so far and the rest is up to you.  And, if you start wasting my time, I won’t hesitate to fire YOU!  That’s right, I fire clients that don’t work hard.  Just look around… I’ve got an endless supply of overweight or unhealthy people who will be glad to take your spot in my program.

What if I don’t belong to a gym or have expensive exercise equipment at home?

During our initial consultation, I’ll explore what equipment or workout facility options you have available.  If you don’t have a commercial gym nearby or a home gym, I can recommend some very low cost equipment that will allow you to get great workouts in.  In fact, the people in my personal training and fitness boot camp programs don’t use machines or expensive equipment.  We rely on a lot of body weight exercises, resistance bands, dumbbells, and things you can find around your house or outdoors!  If you have an area of at least 3′ x 6′ to exercise, then I can get you fit!  Think about this… our soldiers are among the most physically fit people on earth and they don’t have access to a Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness or Bally’s in the middle of the dessert or jungle.  They, too, rely on body weight exercises and things like bands, straps, ammunition boxes, gasoline cans, tree limbs, and more.  So, don’t worry about the equipment; you don’t need a lot!

For More Information and to Get Started…

If need more information or you’re ready to enroll in FitNow Remote, CLICK HERE!

You can also email me at with any questions.

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