Fit or Fat Super Bowl Fitness Challenge
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Big Game Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Gain!

by Brian Koning, Ace-certified Personal Trainer

For players competing on the Super Bowl teams, Sunday is a day that many of those players will earn a lot of money and be competing for the right to be crowned “World Champions”.  But unlike most of us, they will also burn a lot of calories.

Unfortunately the rest of us will be tempted by wings, brats, burgers, beer, chili, chips, and dips. Not to mention the fact that we’ll sit for about 9 hours watching pre-game coverage and the game! This is a day we can really screw up our diets and even see an overnight weight gain of 4 – 8 lbs!  Don’t believe me? Weigh yourself Sunday morning and then again on Monday morning (if you don’t eat healthy), and let me know what the difference is; I bet you’ll be surprised to see a crazy weight gain that will be due, in part, to all the sodium that you take in combined with a caloric intake of about 2,500 – 4,000 calories.

So, how do you keep yourself on track?  I’m going to give you, your family and guests this Super Bowl Fitness Challenge that you will do during the first half of the game!  Why just the first half?  Because, I want you to be able to enjoy half time and the second half of the game with some great food without all of the guilt!

To make this fun, you can even split your party into teams based on who they are rooting for and make this a little contest amongst yourselves.  Here’s the challenge and scoring…

Blown Words = 25 push-ups and 50 sit-ups: If the singer blows the words to the National Anthem (a la Christina Aguilera), EVERYONE does this workout!

Completed Pass = Crunches: Do one crunch for each yard of the completion for your team.

Rushing Yards = Jumping Jacks: Do 5 jumping jacks for each yard gained and 10 for each yard lost!

Touch Down = Push Ups: Do 1 push-up for each point scored based on cumulative point total.  So, if your team scores a touchdown & extra point, that’s 7 push-ups.  If they then score a field goal, that’s 3 push ups PLUS 7 more push ups for the touch down that was scored.  Each score, you’ll be adding to the number of push-ups!  BTW… the other team has to do double that number!

Penalty Yards = Burpees: How appropriate, right?! If your team gets penalized, you do one Burpee for each yard.  If there’s a 15 yard penalty, that’s 15 Burpees.  That could really get ugly for a pass interference call of, say… 50 yards!!!

Turnover = Squats: Each time your team fumbles or throws an interception, you must do 25 squats. Be sure to use good form by doing a hip-hinge and sit low into the squat!

Under the Hood = Planks/Mountain Climbers: If the head official has to go “under the hood” to review a play, then everyone has to do elbow planks until the official announces the ruling.  If your team wins the challenge, you’re done.  If you’re team loses the challenge… you must do 25 mountain climbers (each right/left count as one)!

You can also make up your own rules to add to this challenge.  This should be enough exercise for about a one-hour workout and burn an estimated 300 – 600 calories!

Be sure to drink water and use the break between the first and second quarter as your half time!

When the game goes into half time, be proud of yourself that you accomplished something most people didn’t.  Then, enjoy the half-time entertainment, the great food, and fellowship!

To your health!

Brian Koning is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, certified Boot Camp Instructor, and former personal chef.  He owns and operates FitNow Personal Fitness Training in Westfield, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis and runs FitCamp, a fitness boot camp program.  He is also a motivational speaker on topics of fitness and health.
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