2012 Get Fit Fitness Challenge
2012 Get Fit Fitness Challenge avatar

Several FitCampers have asked when the next fitness challenge will begin because they like being motivated to reach their goal.  And, quite frankly, I need some extra motivation to reach my goal that I have set as I turn the Big 5-0 in December!  I’ve come up with a fun contest where YOU challenge ME, head on!

So, beginning the week of Monday, October 1st, you will embark on a 12-week fitness journey to challenge Brian and reach a goal of losing either 12% of your body weight or drop 12 percentage points of your body fat by Friday, December 21st.  If you reach your goal and Brian does not, you will receive one FREE month of FitCamp.  It’s that simple!  But… if Brian DOES reach his goal of either a 12% drop in body weight or 12% drop in body fat %, you will receive a $10 gift card from Kona Grill if you reach either of your goals.

Download official rules PDF file here… Contest Rules


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