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Games take the “work” out of “workout”

“When I was a kid…”

As soon as they hear me say this, MY kids start rolling their eyes and mumbling to each other under their breath, “Here goes dad with another exaggerated story about how hard life was when he was growing up.”

Neighborhood kickball games were a great form of exercise and fitness.

I ignore them and continue, “… we use to go outside and play games like Kick the Can, Hide and Seek, Kick Ball, Touch Football, and Flashlight Tag. That’s how we got our exercise.”

Unfortunately, most kids don’t get it.  They think exercise is moving your thumbs at lightning speed to send 5,000 text messages a month.  Or, they use a game controller to make some computer generated monster or soldier run around virtual worlds and hunting down and killing other monsters or bad guys.  Riding their bicycle, climbing trees or organizing a neighborhood game of Capture the Flag isn’t even on most kids’ radars today.  And that’s why we have a childhood obesity problem in the United States!

To us, these were just outdoor activities we engaged in to pass time.  To our bodies, it was exercise masked as fun and games.

Recently, I’ve been trying to bring back more of that childhood fun by incorporating games into my FitCamp workouts.  To my FitCampers, these are silly contests that manage to turn VERY competitive at times.  And when they get caught up in the moment, they forget that they are actually exercising and strengthening their bodies.

This week, we played a game of crab soccer.  Each team had to “crab walk” while trying to pass and kick a stability ball through their goal.  Card Flip was another game we played. One team spread 26 cards face up throughout the gym while the spread 26 cards face down.  The challenge was to to flip over as many of the opposing team’s playing cards over a 2-minute period.  FitCampers ran, squatted, lunged, crawled, and dove to flip over the other team’s cards.  What THEY thought would be an easy task ended up blasting their heart rate while working their quads, calves, glutes, and core.  And the Commando Crawl relay game had FitCampers crawling through a tunnel formed by the bodies of their teammates; this was a fun finisher that worked the core, shoulders, arms and legs and also raised their heart rates.

Games, contests and competitions are what set FitCamp apart from commercial gyms or other group fitness programs.  Can you honestly say that you have fun working out alone in a gym or sitting on a spinning bike for 60 minutes (OUCH!)?   When I worked out in a gym alone, it’s boring and the clock can’t move fast enough.  But you CAN have fun while exercising.  Boot camp games like we play at FitCamp will get your competitive juices flowing, your heart pounding, and your muscles burning.   The best thing is… you probably won’t even notice!

Call or email me today to try three free FitCamp sessions.  Game on!

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