Chris Jordan Joins FitNow Training Team
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Chris Jordan is the newest trainer to join the FitNow Group Fitness team in Westfield and will be instructing our boot camp programs and helping with fitness nutrition.

Chris, 28, is a 2003 graduate of Carmel High School and is youngest of five children and father of two. As a child, he was very athletic playing soccer, basketball and rugby. After high school, he started working for Getchell Brothers building houses for Arbor Homes and helped build some luxurious barns for prize winning horses in the Paris, Kentucky area.

In December of 2009, after the arrival of his first child Naomi, Chris sought out a new career path with his father’s business mitigating homes for radon. Even though work was steady and all was well, he felt an itch to do something else that had a greater impact on people’s lives.

In July of 2012, Chris and Liz welcomed their second daughter, Amelia.

“With Amelia’s birth, I felt an urgency to take my family’s life in a new direction. With the trend of smart phones and video games, kids aren’t getting much physical activity outside of the home. Obviously, I don’t want my children to fall into the same trend.”

Chris was inspired to jump into the fitness industry and joined the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) program studying fitness nutrition and pursuing his personal trainer certification. He successfully earned both certifications.

Outside of spending time with Liz and his daughters, some of Chris’ favorite activities include bowling, paintball, and woodworking.

“Being a parent has really made me appreciate the opportunities of “me time”, and while most of my hobbies aren’t baby- or toddler-appropriate and have been lost in the daily duties of life, I so much more enjoy the new activities that allow me to spend time with Liz and our girls.”

While his fitness education is ongoing, he’s excited to share his passion for fitness and what he knows to help anyone and everyone achieve a healthy fit lifestyle.

“Chris has a great attitude, a solid understanding of exercise science, and an eagerness to learn more about the group fitness industry. He’ll be a valuable asset for FitNow and the positive direction that the company is moving,” says FitCamp owner, Brian Koning.

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