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Running Shoes or Cross Trainers?
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Choose the best shoe for the workout to avoid injury. It’s not uncommon for people that I train to complain of back and leg pain at some point in time. I’m not talking about the muscle soreness that comes with … Continue reading

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Cleansing, Fad Diets and Rubber Band Principle
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Are Setting Yourself Up for Failure and Disappointment?They’re baaaaccckkk!  I’ve been getting some emails and having my clients tell me that they are either starting or are already on a “cleansing” diet.  I even had one client refuse to work … Continue reading

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Multi-Level Marketing and Fitness
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Get Rich Quick, Get Fit Quick – Really? Commentary Those who know me, know that I am an entrepreneur.  I like having my own businesses.  I’ve started both traditional businesses and have been involved in a few MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing).   … Continue reading

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P90X: Is it right for you?
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A personal trainer or workout buddy does so much more than a talking head on a DVD. They will motivate you by telling you to go for one more rep. They’ll help correct your form to maximize results and help you minimize your risk of injury. They’ll “high five” you when you reach a new goal or complete a hard workout. They’ll call you and make you get your butt to the gym when you’re feeling lazy and uninspired. P90X can’t do that. Continue reading

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